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Welcome to your exploration of a new geophysical data type: data mining lightning data!

The images below show examples of lightning analysis at key scales. Click on the images to enlarge.

Regional Projects:

Fairway Projects:

Prospect Projects:

The images below show maps of three lightning attributes (Rise Time, Peak Current, and Peak-to-Zero) at both county and 3-D seismic survey scales:

The images below show oil and gas fields in Colorado County, TX modified from GeoMap, with lightning strike density contours overlaid. On the right is the entire county, on the left is a close-up of the southern part of the county.

DML's Experience:

Three spatial resumes below highlight worldwide experience of DML principals working your project:
H. Roice Nelson, Jr.
cell: 713.542.2207
Dr. D. James Siebert
cell: 832.423.2355
Les R. Denham
cell: 713.962.3964

Click Here for a Spatial Resume based description of projects Roice, Jim, & Les have worked.

Project Workflow:

  1. Select Area and determine what other data you plan to integrate with lightning data.
  2. Select lightning analysis project size and location, sign Master License Agreement (click here to download) and Supplemental Agreement (click here to download) defining project.
  3. Order lightning data (50% of lightning project data license fee is due prior to order).
  4. DML Prepares and delivers the derivative lightning data and analysis results (remaing 50% of lightning project data license fee is due upon project acceptance).
  5. Integration, Correlation, and Trend Analysis (pre-defined consulting and data integration fees due as scheduled in the Supplemental Agreement).
Thank You for your interest! We look forward to working with you!