Data Sub-Licensing:

DML's worldwide exclusive license agreement with Vaisala allows DML to sublicense Vaisala lightning data to DML clients for natural resource exploration. Sublicenses are defined by an AMI (Area-of-Mutual-Interest). AMIs are defined by geographical coordiantes, e.g. the minimum and maximum latitude and longitude of a county, or an Infinite GridSM cell.

The lightning data is the property of, proprietary to, and a valuable asset and trade secret of Vaisala, and all title, ownership rights, and interests therein remain vested soley in Vaisala. Upon termination of any sublicensing agreement all data and related materials shall be promptly returned to DML or destroyed.

There is an annual sublicensing fee for access to Vaisala data. Non-payment of the annual sublicensing fee means the sublicense is terminated. The annual fee provides access to the new year's lightning data over the sublicensed AMI, along with DML technical support.

Exclusive AMIs:

DML will enter into Exclusive AMI agreements with customers. This means the customer will have exclusive access to Vaisala lightning data within the bounds of the defined AMI. For instance, a customer might be interested in doing exploration work in Refugio County, Texas. If they enter into an Exlusive AMI Agreement with DML, all maps DML distributes from then on will not show any lightning data within Refugio County, as per the image below.

There is a negotiated additional cost associated with entering into an Exclusive AMI Agreement. DML anticipates Exclusive AMI Agreements will be entered into by companies who establish a proprietary lightning sensor network providing full-waveform time-lapse lightning data across their AMI.