Dynamic Resources Corporation (DRC) and Dynamic Measurement LLC (DML) were both founded by H. Roice Nelson, Jr. The following summarize Roice's background:

Click here for a copy or Roice's resume,
here for February 2011 Geophysical Society of Houston Article,
here for January 2008 CSEG Recorder Interview, and
here for July 2003 The Leading Edge Article.

P.O. Box 382
Barker, TX 77413-0382
phone: 281.579.0172
fax: 281.579.2141
cell: 713.542.2207
e-mail: or

Business Management:

Investors will drive the recruitment and establishment of the management team for DML.


Dr. D. James Siebert: Chief Meteorologist at Fox News Houston. Jim is a co-founder of DML and has become actively involved in packaging and explaining DRC AMI and TMI investment opportunities.
cell: 832.423.2355

Dr. Richard L. Coons: Geophysical Consultant. Dick is a co-founder of DML and has worked with DRC to sell two significant exploration opportunities in The Gulf of Mexico. Click here for a copy or Dick's resume
cell: 281.788.7823

Les R. Denham: Seismic Interpreter and Consultant. Les is a co-founder of DML and has worked with DRC since the company was founded. Les has extensive exploration experience, has global experience, writes specialized software programs to solve integration problems, and has been a key contributor on several DRC exploration projects.
cell: 713.962.3964

Mike Forrest: Geophysical Consultant, a director of the SEG Foundation, a director of Global Geophysical Services, and Chairman of Rose & Associates DHI Risk Analysis Consortium. Mike has followed and contributed to DRC's plans for over a decade.
cell: 972.765.2590