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DML Node Tree of Activities
Top Level DML Activity Model: A00
Unravel Geology with Lightning Databases Activity: A0
Top Activitiesx.2 Activitiesx.x.3 Activitiesx.x.x.4 Activitiesx.x.x.x.5 ActivitiesActivity Descriptive Name
A1.0----Manage Assets
-A1.1---Provide Controls
--A1.1.1--Establish Vision and Mission
--A1.1.2--Set Strategy
--A1.1.3--Set Budget
--A1.1.4--Manage Organization's Culture
--A1.1.5--Manage Regulations
--A1.1.6--Analyze Performance
-A1.2---Manage Financial Resources
--A1.2.1--Manage Outside Financing
--A1.2.2--Manage Funds
--A1.2.3--Manage Investor Relations
-A1.3---Provide Environment
--A1.3.1--Manage Human Resources
---A1.3.1.1-Manage ExCom
---A1.3.1.2-Manage Consultants
---A1.3.1.3-Manage Staff
--A1.3.2--Acquire and Manage Technology
---A1.3.2.1-Define and Document Technology
---A1.3.2.2-Improve Technology
---A1.3.2.3-Sell or Dispose of Technology
--A1.3.4--Manage Information
---A1.3.4.1-Manage Information Management Model
---A1.3.4.2-Determine Information Management Plan
----A1. Customer Requests into Requirements
----A1. Information Management Options
----A1. Information Management Options
----A1. Information Management Plan
----A1. Plan for Doable Customer Requirements
---A1.3.4.3-Implement Information Management Plan
---A1.3.4.4-Build and Maintain www.dynamicmeasurement.com
--A1.3.5--Manage Physical Assets
-A1.4---Manage Relationships
--A1.4.1--Identify Relationships
--A1.4.2--Initiate Relationships
--A1.4.3--Maintain Relationships
---A1.4.3.1-Manage and Expand Vaisala Partnership
---A1.4.3.2-Manage and Expand Weatherbug Partnership
---A1.4.3.3-Manage and Expand Government Partnerships
----A1. with Army Corps of Engineers
----A1. with Geothermal Group
----A1. with Department of Energy
---A1.4.3.4-Manage and Expand University Relationships
----A1. with BYU
----A1. with SMU
----A1. with UU
----A1. with Columbia University
----A1. with Oklahoma State University
---A1.4.3.5-Manage and Expand Professional Partnerships
----A1. with Willowstick
----A1. with Deep River
-A1.5---Provide Leadership
--A1.5.1--Identify Need for Leadership
--A1.5.2--Provide Direction
--A1.5.3--Improve Alignment
--A1.5.4--Motivate Staff
A2.0----Acquire Assets
-A2.1---Acquire or Merge Information Assets or Technologies
--A2.1.1--Create Information Asset or Technology
--A2.1.2--Acquire Information Asset or Technology
--A2.1.3--Document, Patent, Protect, and Merge Information Asset or Technology
-A2.2---Purchase Physical Assets
A3.0----Enhance Assets
-A3.1---Make Investments
-A3.2>---Manage and Train Consultants and Staff
-A3.3---Ingegrate Data
--A3.3.1--Manage Data
---A3.3.1.1-Acquire Data
---A3.3.1.2-Manage Legacy Data
---A3.3.1.3-Manage Regional Data
---A3.3.1.4-Manage Play Fairway Data
---A3.3.1.5-Manage Prospect Data
--A3.3.2--Assess Strategic Fit
---A3.3.2.1-Interpret Regional Data
---A3.3.2.2-Evaluate Regional Economics
---A3.3.2.3-Package and Sell Concept as a Regional Study
--A3.3.3--Determine Political and Engineering Uncertainty
---A3.3.3.1-Determine Risk of the Play Fairway Model
---A3.3.3.2-Evaluate Play Fairway Economics
---A3.3.3.3-Package and Sell Leads as Play Fairway Study
--A3.3.4--Develop Risked Oil & Gas Prospect Model
---A3.3.4.1-Calculate Prospect Area, Thickness, Porosity, Water Saturations, and Drive Mechanism
---A3.3.4.2-Calculate Prospectd Volumes, Formation Volume Factor, Recovery Efficiency, and whether Gas or Oil
---A3.3.4.3-Redefine Migration Pathways
--A3.3.5--Develop Risked Mineral Prospect Model
---A3.3.5.1-Map Intrusive Halo or Mineralization Trend
---A3.3.5.2-Calculate Area, Thickness, Depth, Volume, Percent Mineralization
---A3.3.5.3-Calculate Economic Measures and Probability of Creating Value
--A3.3.6--Define Prospect Economic Indicators
---A3.3.6.1-Estimate Production Forecast
---A3.3.6.2-Estimate Operating and Capital Expense
---A3.3.6.3-Recalculate Economic Measures and Probability of Success
-A3.4---Optimize Use of Physical Assets
-A3.5---Manage and Expand Client Base
--A3.5.1--Manage Existing Clients
---A3.5.1.1-Manage Oil & Gas Clients
----A1. ConocoPhillips
----A1. LTC
----A1. Finley
----A1. Faskin
---A3.5.1.2-Manage Mineral Exploration Clients
----A1. FMI
----A1. Texas Oil Shale Conglomerate
---A3.5.1.3-Manage University and Government Clients
----A1. SMU/DOE
---A3.5.1.4-Manage Remove Client from Client Database
----A1. Kerogen from Database
--A3.5.2--Marketing - Manage Conventions and Public Presentations
---A3.5.2.1-Identify Key Market Forums
---A3.5.2.2-Prepare Marketing Material
---A3.5.2.3-Prepare Booth
---A3.5.2.4-Assign Booth Personnel
---A3.5.2.5-Prepare Public Presentations
---A3.5.2.6-Attend Convention and Make Presentations
----A3. Representatives and Make Booth Duty Assignments
----A3. Up Booth and Set Out Marketing Material
----A3., Document, and Publish Poster or Oral Presentations
----A3. Potential Client Information
----A3. Potential Clients
----A3. and Store or Return Booth
--A3.5.3--Sales - Manage Client Database
---A3.5.3.1-Enter Contacts in Client Database
---A3.5.3.2-Assign Sales People to Follow-Up on Potential Clients
---A3.5.3.3-Perform Webinars and Collect New Potential Clients
---A3.5.3.4-Answer Questions from www.dynamicmeasurement.com
---A3.5.3.5-Close Business
----A3. Signs Proposal Agreeing to Project Terms
----A3. Signs Master License Agreement
----A3. Signs a Supplimental Agreeme nt for Specific Lightning Analysis Project
----A3. Pays 50% of Sales Price
----A3. Delivers and Reviews Results with Customer
----A3. Pays Remaining 50% of Sales Price
---A3.5.3.6-Close Annual Maintenance with Existing Clients
A4.0----Peform Lightning Analysis Project
-A4.1---Define Project Area
--A4.1.1--Define NSEM Project Area
--A4.1.2--Define SPOT Project Area
--A4.1.3--Define Integration Project Area
-A4.2---Order Lightning Data:
  1. Time (Microseconds);
  2. Location (30-150 meters);
  3. Polarity (90% negative);
  4. Rise-Time (microseconds);
  5. Peak Current (kilo-amperes);
  6. Peak-to-Zero
  7. Number of Sensors;
  8. Chi-Squared;
  9. Major and Minor Axis;
  10. Density;
  11. Spike;
  12. Total Wavelet Time (microseconds);
  13. Wavelet Symmetry
-A4.3---Receive, Clean, and Process, and Quality Control Lightning Data
-A4.4---Deliver Lightning Derived Maps and Volumes
--A4.4.1--Deliver Data Cleaning Report
--A4.4.2--Deliver Lightning Derived Rock Property Maps and Volumes:
  1. Resistivity Map;
  2. Permittivity Map;
  3. Resistivity Volume;
  4. Permitivity Volume
--A4.4.3--Deliver Maps and Volumes Derived from Lightning Data:
  1. Day-of-Year;
  2. Density;
  3. Depth;
  4. Energy;
  5. Frequency;
  6. Peak Current Average;
  7. Peak-Current Negative;
  8. Peak-Current Positive;
  9. Peak-to-Zero;
  10. Rise-Time;
  11. Rate-of-Rise-Time
  12. Spike;
  13. Symmetry;
  14. Total-Wavelet-Time
--A4.4.4--Deliver Maps and Volumes Merging Lightning and Solar System Effects:
  1. Elevation;
  2. Moon Local Longitude;
  3. Moon Phase;
  4. Sun Local Longitude;
  5. Tidal Gravity;
  6. Tide;
  7. Tide Gradient
--A4.4.5--Explore Customer Requests and Exploration Ideas
-A4.5---Perform Other Interpretation and Integration Work as Defined in Supplemental Agreement
-A4.6---Follow-Up on Lightning Analysis Project

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